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About Us

ESC Drape has been serving the healthcare industry since 1995 as the leading manufacturer and distributor of medical equipments and disposable products. Serving the healthcare market in Turkey and over 30 other countries, ESC Drape has been working in Izmir based production plant which performs for excellence and to maintain full customer satisfaction for about 24 years.

ESC Drape offers a wide range of products from “Sterile Disposable Medical Products to Sterilization Indicators”. Stringent adherence to total quality management principles are maintained as well as the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice from product design criteria to the finished products and after sales services.

ESC Drspe quality system is certified by TUV NORD in conformity to EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 standards. All products manufactured by ESC Drape are CE Marked.

It is our mission to be a dynamic, leading company excelling in the production, sales and after sales services of healthcare products, whilst prioritizing "human healthcare above all".

Over the years the ESC Drape brand has been identified with quality, trust and distinction. While continuing this, our objective is to promote ESC Drape products to a status of demand by healthcare professionals in both local and international markets.

In our relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees, ESC Drape values highly justice, honesty, consistency, sharing, discipline and respect.

Since the beginning of 2018, ESC Drape has become a registered trade mark for the disposable gowns, drapes and packs, manufactured by Grup A, under the roof of GDS (General Disposables of Surgery) as the export company of these trade marks.